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The Peacock tool

Peacock spreqding its tail Laetitia Antonowicz laetitia coach

The Peacock tool

Displaying our feathers is at times a way to celebrate our little steps and our small victories. Or our big ones!

Becoming aware of our progress and success has several benefits:

  • Identifying and recognising the strategies that are working for us, and that we might be able to apply to other domains of our life.
  • Contributing to our long-term motivation.
  • Reinforcing our self-esteem.
  • Making us feel good.

Becoming aware of our progress and little successes can happen in many different ways.

The Peacock Spreading its Tail is a simple and fun exercise to do so, on a weekly or monthly basis. It aims at helping you to identify and appreciate those moments of happiness, of success, of creativity. Thinking about the past week or month, reflect on the theme of each feather of the peacock’s tail.

If you want to go further, you can explore on your answers by reflecting on:

  • The context, the environment and your mindset when you experienced these feelings of achievement. Could you recreate these conditions in the future? How?
  • The strategies that you have put in place to create these results for yourself.
  • The way in which you have welcomed each event or achievement. What does this say about you? About your frame of mind? About your personal evolution? About your journey ahead?
  • How you will be celebrating each of these little successes!

Enjoy and be curious!

Vous cherchez cet outil en français? C’est par ici:. This tool is available in French here.

Photo: Daniel Lincoln on Unplash