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Looking for what is next for you?

You are facing a challenge or a difficult situation in your life or work and feel stuck?


You want to change something in your life, your work or the world, and are not quite sure how to get there?


You feel that life or work has more to offer to you and you have more to offer to the world, and you are unclear about how to go about it?


You are looking for insights, tools, ideas, challenge and support to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals?




… and give them the tools to sustain change and continue to grow.


coach yourself and get coached

The self-coaching


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Self-coaching programmes

Your Next Life Chapter!

Self-coaching tool & programme.


Your Next Life Chapter gives you a framework to understand life cycles and transitions, and provides you with reflective tools to help you identify stages of change, make the most of them, and start actively crafting the next chapter of your personal or professional life.


Basic Option: Self-paced self-coaching tool.


+PLUS Option: Self-coaching tool + workshop + 3 coaching sessions.

1:1 coaching

Tailor-made to your needs.

3 to 12 coaching sessions over 2 to 6 monhs.


Start with a free coaching consultation to discuss where you are at, where you would want to go and get a taste of what coaching is. Together we will assess if and how coaching could support you, whether we would like to work together, and, if so, how.


See the coaching section here for more info on the coaching process.

Common coaching topics

I am a professional and life coach. 

I coach on issues of which I have first-hand experience to ensure a strong relationship with my clients.

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(Re)discover purpose and meaning at work.

Shape your work to fit your needs (content, skills, relationships, environment…)


Career development and transition.

Dealing with new responsibilities.

travel & mobility

Managing international mobility. Overcoming cultural barriers. Making living and working abroad a success.


Connecting with self.

Understanding own patterns, beliefs and strengths. 

Change & transition

Adapting to, managing or embracing change.

Embarking on a new project or life chapter.

balance & wellbeing

Maintaining work-life balance. Boosting energy levels.

Improving lifestyle habits.

My clients

People who choose me as a coach are mostly:

redonner un sens à leur travail

People working in the development, humanitarian and sustainability sectors who feel the need to rediscover purpose and engagement in their life and work.

Teachers who want to improve their skills, wellbeing or want to leave teaching. Education managers who want to improve their leadership.

woman sitting on a suitcase and looking at clouds in a world map shape

People who want to better manage geographical mobility, make the most of their new environment, overcome cultural barriers, manage relocation or distance and isolation.

People who are stuck or feel overwhelmed about the environment & climate change and who want to simplify their lives, reduce consumption and embark on the ecological transition journey.

Woman overlooking mountains
Laetitia Antonowicz

About me

Your Coach: Laetitia Antonowicz

I am a Certified and Accredited Professional and Personal Development Coach. I hold a Coaching and Mentoring Certificate from the Institute for Leadership and Management (UK) and a Professional Coaching Certificate from the French School of Coaching EFC/MHD (RNCP). I was awarded the European Mentoring and Coaching Council Global Individual Accreditation at Practitioner level.


Coaching was the natural professional next step from my earlier work. After seven years in teaching I became a consultant in education and international development. I have worked for more than 20 years with the United Nations, development agencies and Non-Governmental Organisations to support the most marginalised children and youth to realise their rights to education, protection and participation.


All my professional roles have been about supporting individuals or teams on a journey of learning and change, a journey from intention to action and impact, a journey from ‘business as usual’ to meaning and purpose.

I am a sustainable development engaged coach