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Coaches bring a part of themselves and their lives into the coaching relationship with their clients. I bring:
  • My rich, varied and coherent professional journey. My professional journey reflects my curiosity and interest in other people and cultures and my engagement in activities with high social impact. I have worked internationally for 25 years: as a teacher first, for 7 years, and as a consultant in international development aid for 20 years.
  • My adaptability and my ability to find my way in the uncertainty of change. My clients often highlight my ability to adapt to different organisational or geographical environments. I have experienced employment in the civil service, international organisations and the private sector, as well as self-employment and entrepreneurship. I have worked in 40 countries, for 50 organisations on more than 100 projects.
  • My intercultural skills and my respect for others. I built these skills in the 6 countries I have lived in (France, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan and the United Kingdom), the 40 countries I have worked in, and through the personal and professional relationships I have developed. My coaching clients are based all over the world.
  • My understanding of individual and organisational learning strategies. For the past 25 years, as a teacher, trainer and facilitator, I have accompanied students, professionals and institutions on their journeys of learning and development.
  • My simplicity. Since my upbringing on a working farm, I have kept the value of simplicity. A value that I have cultivated for my own wellbeing and as a commitment to caring for the environment.
  • My joy and tears. Laetitia means “joy” in Latin. This is within me! From painful or difficult situations, I have understood all the power that I had over my own life and how, behind every challenge, there was learning and opportunity.
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