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The world is complex, change constant, and in the past few years, a felt sense of uncertainty has been emerging or increasing for many. Worrying about uncertainty is a coping mechanism that doesn’t serve us in the long term. Trying to fit our perception of what...

Making decision leads to change, a scary prospect that our brain and inner critic will try to avoid by sending us fear-based “what ifs” messages that are holding us back and maintain status-quo. But not making a decision is making a decision and letting circumstances and...

Yoga, meditation, KonMari, Hygge, bullet journal… To some extent the aim of these practices is to find and/or create space.In your body. In your mind. In your surroundings. In your heart. In your day.We might think about space as a luxury: outdoor spaces, free time...

We often find ourselves in situations where we make a big decision, choose between different options, decide to seize an opportunity, or instinctively take steps in a particular direction. These crossroads moments can be very small or turn out to be very significant. They influence...

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