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Walking in uncertainty


Walking in uncertainty

The world is complex, change constant, and in the past few years, a felt sense of uncertainty has been emerging or increasing for many.

Worrying about uncertainty is a coping mechanism that doesn’t serve us in the long term. Trying to fit our perception of what should be on what is not, or resisting the discomfort of the unknown might be counterproductive.

With acceptance, we become curious and can explore new opportunities. We allow ourselves to embrace the unknown.

Acceptance is different from resignation – the latter implies that nothing can be done about the situations we find ourselves in, while the former is an invitation for change.

With acceptance, we can more easily navigate in the dark by being present to what is.

Your Self-Coaching Questions

Looking at a challenge you are currently facing…

How does uncertainty manifest for you right now?

What feelings and emotions come up when you think about uncertainty?

What do you tell yourself? (story)?

What does this tell you?

What assumptions are you making about uncertainty right now? Are they valid? Are they validated by others?

How could you manage the potential risks associated with uncertainty?

What do others may need from you in uncertainty?

What do you need from yourself in uncertainty?

What could be the hidden gem of uncertainty?

Ideally, how would you want to be in uncertainty?

How could you be / live more fully today despite uncertainty?

What would ‘walking in uncertainty’ look like? Your stance, posture, pace, energy? (try the walk, see how it feels!)

Walk Gently!

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