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Making decisions

making decisions

Making decisions

Making decision leads to change, a scary prospect that our brain and inner critic will try to avoid by sending us fear-based “what ifs” messages that are holding us back and maintain status-quo.

But not making a decision is making a decision and letting circumstances and others decide for us.

Clarity over the issue we are trying to address will give us more options.  Saying yes or no intentionally, will bring our power back, as well as remembering that the ‘right’ decision might not feel easy but will make us grow.

Your self-coaching questions

What are the fear associated with making this decision?

What is at stake and why are these stakes high?

What are the possible outcomes of your decision(s)?

Which outcome do you fear the most, deep inside, and why?

What are your options?

Which option brings you closer to where you want to go and who you want to be?

What happens if X happens?   

What won’t happen if X happens?

What happens if X doesn’t happen?

What won’t happen if X doesn’t happen?

How will you support yourself to make your final decision a success?

Walk Gently!

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