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Questions for the spring

Pink blossom

Questions for the spring

What might you need to spring clean?

This week 🕑 The Self-Coaching Minute brings you a few questions for entering this new season: S P R I N G.

* * * * *

Spring is a season of preparation, of sowing, of germination, growth and blossom.

With energy levels going up, it is a season for planning, exploring, experimenting, preparing, (re)connecting and taking action.

* * * * *

Questions you might want to explore

How different does life feel now compared to last summer?

How different a person do you feel now compared to who you were last summer?

What paths do you want to explore?

What new ideas do you want to test or try?

What do you need to plan/prepare for these explorations & experiments?

What seeds do you need to sow for harvest to be successful?

How do you want to (re)connect to people and communities?

What qualities do you want to bring to these (new) relationships?

How could you make the next few months fun and creative?

How will you boost and replenish your energy?

How can nature help you?


Walk Gently!

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Photo Credit Clark Gu on Unplash.