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Life crafting

The Seff-Coaching Minute - The Art of Life Crafting

Life crafting

I have been playing with the word craft and the notion of crafting in the past few months, so this week, 🕑 The Self-Coaching Minute explores our life crafting abilities. Are you a life crafter?

* * * * *

Crafters have an in-depth knowledge of their craft based on years of experience and commitment to practice.

A deep, intuitive, embodied connection to their material – clay, wood, stone, gems, ink…

They sense what is right in the moment.

They master detail in harmony with the whole.

They are curious, sensitive to the most subtle changes in the environment, conditions, their mindset or movements.

They learn from every piece.

They follow their inspiration, one idea, one movement, one small shift leading to another.

Crafters have the ability to detect emerging patterns and help them take shape.

* * * * *


Questions you might want to explore

What have been the main patterns in your life recently?

What have you learned about yourself from these patterns?

What skills have you refined through these patterns?

How has your body felt about them?

What wisdom have you gained from them?

Have any patterns been recently broken?

What subtle discontinuities undermining your life do you notice?

What emerging patterns do you notice in your life?

Which one are you mostly curious about?

How can you help this emerging pattern take shape?

What small changes do you need to make in your life to accommodate it?

How can you create the environment within which this emerging pattern can grow?


Walk Gently!

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