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Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese art meaning ‘joining with gold’ used to mend broken ceramics with a gold powder and laquer mix.

The gold glue highlights rather than hides the repair.

Putting things back together in a new form is a metaphor for resilience in life.

A broken dream or a traumatic event can take on a new meaning and make your life beautiful in a different way, like a broken ceramic bowl with golden repair can be beautiful in its own right.

Your Self-Coaching Questions

(These questions are inspired by and build on New lives from broken dreams: Solution Focused Tool by Chris Iveson and A. Biba Rebolj)


Thinking about a broken dream, slashed hope, struggle, scar, challenging or traumatic event, or just a perceived imperfection…

What made you decide not to throw away the broken pieces?

What made you start putting back the pieces together?

How did you start putting back the pieces together?

When did you notice that you were beginning to do so?

What skills did you draw on to put back all the pieces together?

How have those skills evolved or changed throughout the repair process?

What difference has it made to you to be able to repair the broken pieces?

What have you learned from this repair process?

What do you see in this new creation that you could not see in before?

What difference does this process and new creation make to how you see your future? Your new dreams? Your new hopes?

Walk Gently!

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Credit: Photo by Riho Kitagawa on Unsplash . Thanks Riho!