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Intention for the new year

Gecko shadow across green leaf

Intention for the new year

Last December, I encouraged you to select 3 words to describe your intention for 2021. The first one as a direction to follow and the second and third as the threads, themes or signs under which your journey would take place. (Check out the Self-Coaching Advent Calendar from laetitia.coach here).

This year, I  invite you to reflect on times when you were at your best in the past year and explore these to identify the qualities that you would like to see in your life in 2022, how you could embody them and what difference would that make for you.

self-coaching questions:

1. Recall a few times when you were at your best during the past year.

2. Why do those times stand out for you?

3. What do those times tell you about you when you are at your best?

4. From the words emerging from this exploration, select 3 that attract you.

5. What would you see in your life if the qualities implied in those words were to develop in 2022?

6. What would you do more of? Less of?

7. What difference would that make to you?

8. What else?

I hope that you find this exercise inspiring, and I am using this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year!

Walk Gently in 2022!

🦎 The gecko is said to be resourceful, adaptable, flexible, curious. It is regenerative in nature – it sheds its skin, symbolising renewal, fresh start, perseverance and growth. What is not to like? 🦎


New Year wishes 2022

Photo by Rafa Mekhraliev on Unplash

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