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Questions for the summer

Sun in long grass

Questions for the summer

What will you create this summer?

I have loved investigating questions that would apply for each season this year. They have helped me pay more attention to my body, my self-talk, my energy levels and my environment.

This week 🕑 The Self-Coaching Minute is dedicated to summer. 

* * *

Summer is a season of growth and production for most plants and animals.

It is a time when we have high energy levels, a season for action, for creating, for building, for interacting with others.

It is also a time for pleasure and rest.

A season of both abundance and intensity.

* * *

Self-coaching questions

What have you planted in the spring that is ready to reap?

What do you want to create this summer?

 How will you nourish social interactions this summer?

What qualities do you want to proudly display this summer?

 How will abundance manifest itself in how you think, feel and act this summer?

What weeds do you need to remove from your life now so that you continue to grow and develop throughout this season?

How will you ‘irrigate’ and ‘water’ so that you continue to grow?

What simple pleasures will you cultivate over the summer?

How will you rest and take breaks so that you do not overheat?

How will nature support you?

Walk Gently!

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Photo Credit Dakota Roos on Unplash.