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The Self-Coaching Minute - Journaling


Journaling has been very beneficial to me.

It has enabled me to create space.

Space to think.

Space to be with my myself.

Space to exist.

Space to learn.

Space to create,

Space to find courage and energy.

Space to grow.


* * * * *

Journaling is a self-exploration tool, giving a voice to different parts of ourselves.

Whether you journal daily or occasionally, to download your thoughts or investigate particular themes, using prompts or writing down what is coming to your mind, in the morning or in the evening, whether your journal is messy, a repository of words or a mix of drawings, paintings, collages and dried flowers…

* * * * *


A few journaling prompts



 You can replace ‘today’ with ‘this week’ or ‘this month’ if it works better for you.

  How does every part of my body feel now?

  What thoughts are coming to my mind just now?

   What do I appreciate most about my life right now?  Why?

What experience do I want to create for myself today?

What are the 3 most important things in my life right now? How will I make space for them today?

What are the 3 things I can do to get closer to my goal or intention today?

What can I bring to others and the world today?

What would I do today if I knew I could not fail?

How can I make today fun?

How can I look after myself today?

How can I look after nature today?

What are my opportunities for learning today?



What worked today?

What didn’t work so well today?

What have I created today?

How was today different from yesterday?

When did I feel most in tune with myself?

What have my actions been silently saying about my priorities today?

Who/What inspired me today?

What’s one thought that has getting the best of me today?

How did I make others feel today?

When was my best energy today?

What emotions have I hold on to today?

How do I feel now?

What am I most grateful for in myself now? In others? About life/the world?

What have I learned today?

What has nature taught me today?

What do I really want more of tomorrow?


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