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Inner blocks

Inner Blocks SelfCoaching

Inner blocks

Inner blocks often come from the life narrative we create for ourselves based on the past, on old beliefs about ourselves and the world, on old aspirations and intentions.

One of their roles is to make us avoid the things that could threaten our sense of identity.

Overcoming blocks requires a shift in our perception of situations and of ourselves.

It is about choosing who we want to become and thinking / behaving differently to help us change our beliefs and life narrative, and transform our experience.

Your Self-Coaching Questions

Thinking about a challenge you are currently facing…


  Who do you see yourself being in this situation right now?

How do you feel about it?

Who would you rather like to be in this situation?

When being at your best in this situation, how does the situation look like? How do you feel, think and act?

When being at your best in this situation, what values are you honouring?

When being at your best in this situation, how do you imagine the situation unfold?

How do these insights transform how you see yourself in the situation right now?

What were the main inner blocks for you in this challenging situation?

What inner rules/beliefs were these blocks linked to?

Why is it important to you that you break these rules and change these beliefs?

How will you do this?

Walk Gently!


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