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The Self-Coaching Minute - Energy


Energy has come up a lot recently in coaching conversations, possibly as a result of cold weather and lockdown for some of my clients.

Maintaining balance in energy levels, focusing on self-care and restorative activites, brainstorming on how to best use high and low energy to our advantage…

This was the inspiration for this week.

* * * * *

Energy, whether positive or negative, high or low, is a force that fuels, motivates and puts us in motion. It powers us.

Aspiring to balance our energy levels requires to understand where our energy comes from, how protect it and replenish it.

Then we can channel it so that it best serves us.

* * * * *


Questions you might want to explore :

  How would you describe your ‘energy’? At different times of the day, the year? At work, at home? When doing different activities? When embracing a different role (a parent, a leader, a colleague, a friend…)?

  What gives you energy? How do you know? (What makes you feel alive or invigorated?)

  What drains your energy? How do you know? (What makes you feel tired and unmotivated?)

How does being powered by positive or negative energy compare? In each case, what do you do, how do you feel, what are the results?

How do you (best) waste your energy?

❧  How do you best channel your energy? When it is high? When it is low?

  How do you best balance your energy?

  How do you protect your energy?

How do you rest best (physically, mentally, emotionally…)?


What have you learned from this exploration?


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