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The Self-Coaching Minute - Conversations


One of the 3 words guiding me this year is “conversations”.

Today in 🕑 The Self-Coaching Minute, I had a go at questions on just that – conversations.


* * * * *

We exchange news, ideas, thoughts and feelings through conversations.

We use words, facial expressions, body language, touch and silence to express and deepen what we talk about and who with.

We share conversations with others, with ourselves, with nature – and in doing so, we create.

* * * * *

Questions you might want to ask yourself :

  When was last time you had a truly meaningful conversation? Where was it? With whom? About what?

  When was last time you felt truly listened to by someone? How did it make you feel?

  When was last time you truly listened to someone else? How did you do that?

What (gift) do you bring to your conversations?

  Who seems to bring out the best in you whenever you talk to them? What are the qualities of the conversation that might make you feel that way?

  Which of these qualities would you like to bring more often to your conversations?

 ❧  How can you be truly present in your conversations?


What are your major take-aways from this reflective practice?


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