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Job crafting series – part I Job dissatisfaction

Self-coaching Minute - Job Crafting Part I - Job dissatisfaction

Job crafting series – part I Job dissatisfaction

How often do you ask yourself if your job is right for you?

This week, 🕑 The self-coaching minute explores job dissatisfaction and presents you a very simple tool to take stock of where you are at.

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How often do you ask yourself if your job is right for you?

For many of us, this question has propped up at times of our lives as we have experienced negative feeling and emotions  about our jobs or our organisations.

Yet we are not always aware of what right actually means for us at a given time.

Observing and being aware of what is not working for us is the first step towards changing it.

It is our ability to listen to subtle parts of our professional life that will enable us to craft, adapt and adjust our jobs and improve our engagement and satisfaction levels.

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the work wheel

Here is a simple work wheel that you can reproduce on a piece of paper or your journal.

The Self-Coaching Minute - Job Crafting Part I - Job dissatisfaction

The wedges of the wheel can be broadly defined as follows:

Purpose: Feeling of contributing to something that is important to you and bigger than you.

Environment: Working conditions, work place climate, commute, business trips, office arrangement, equipment and supplies.

Tasks: Tasks – however big or small, trivial or critical.

Relationships: Type, nature and quality of work relationships and communication style within the organisation.

Skills: Degree of mobilisation and utilisation of your knowledge & skills, particularly those that you like using.

Values: Extent to which your  organisation, job and tasks are aligned with your values.

Income & benefits: Salary, dividends, bonus, benefits (health and pension, transport allowance, per diems, access to professional development…).

Fulfilment: Recognition of your work, right balance of challenge and support in the job, perceived personal and professional growth in the job.

Self-coaching questions

On a scale from 0 to 10, what is your level of satisfaction today for each domain?

How do you feel when looking at your wheel?

What does the shape of your wheel tell you about your job today?

Does anything surprise you?

What characteristics each of the domains should have for you to score them 8 or more?

What are the 3 priority domains that you would want to improve? Why is it important to you?

For each of these 3 domains, what level of satisfaction would you want to reach?

  How could you get there?

  What action step will you take first? When?

Walk Gently!

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