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Coaching for teachers and school managers

Are you a teacher, a school manager or an educator?


  • Do you feel tired, stressed or demotivated because of the many demands placed on you?
  • Has your workload increased due to COVID-19?
  • Are you struggling to keep a healthy work-life balance?
  • Have you been demotivated by policy and curriculum changes or by the increase in administrative tasks when what you really like is being in the classroom?
  • Are you working in a challenging school?
  • Do you find dealing with conflict with parents difficult?
  • Are you struggling with the pressure and are you feeling that you are lacking support?
  • Are you questioning if your job is still the right job for you?
  • Are you wondering what the next career step is for you?
  • Would you like more opportunities for personal and professional development?
soutien pour mieux gérer l’évolution de leur métier

I work with teachers and education professionals to support them find balance, confidence and motivation in their job.

Personal and professional development coaching supports you in the different aspects of your work and life.

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Edu-coaching is for you if you are :

  • a pre-school, primary school or secondary school teacher, a teacher or trainer in adult education  ;
  • a school headteacher, school principal or school director ;
  • a school management, a school administration or a school board team member ;
  • a teacher assistant or an educator working with children with special educational needs ;
  • a school psychologist or other school auxiliary staff (health, social services) ;
  • an inspector or pedagogical adviser ;
  • a novice, mid-career or approaching retirement staff.


Coaching can help with:

  • dealing with change in your profession;
  • well-being, work/life balance and preventing burnout;
  • motivation at work;
  • managing conflicts in the classroom and workplace;
  • dealing with poor behaviour and performance in the classroom;
  • developing creative approaches to teaching and management;
  • improving team working;
  • improving classroom and school climate;
  • improving communication with pupils, parents and improving staff interactions;
  • managing stress;
  • getting organised;
  • improving self esteem and confidence;
  • making the most of professional development opportunities
  • getting that new job or promotion.

The coaching I provide is not instruction specific although it can cover some instruction aspects.

The benefits of coaching are:

  • creating a space where you can take a step back, improve awareness and challenge assumptions;
  • creating a space where you are free to be creative and take back control over your life;
  • finding balance and acceptance;
  • making changes and learning new skills, habits and behaviour;
  • rediscovering motivation and energy;
  • improving communication;
  • improving conflict management skills;
  • improving working relationships – with pupils, colleagues, families and management;
  • building the skills to identify and resolve problems independently.