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CV e-book for Consultants

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CV e-book for Consultants

The e-book on Consultant CVs for International Development and Humanitarian professionals was released today!

This e-book gives you detailed information, questions to consider, tips and concrete recommendations on how to write a Consultant CV for work in international development and humanitarian aid.

The e-book covers:

  • the difference between a Consultant CV and a regular CV used when applying for regular work;
  • tips to craft your Consultant CV;
  • tips to tailor your Consultant CV;
  • tips to manage your CVs effectively as a busy consultant;
  • a CV submission checklist.


Participants to online webinars presenting this e-book said:

“Thanks for sharing your experience and expertise in such a professional and human manner. What you did in 1 hour did not happen in 10 overpaid sessions with another career coach.”

“Laetitia’s workshop on crafting CVs for consultants was excellent. Her expert advice is not something you would know unless you have spent many years in the field, as she has. No matter your experience level, the webinar can bring fresh ideas and answer questions. I highly suggest it to anyone working in the international development. “

You can purchase it from the Resources page of this website here.

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